Blended Learning

Today’s organization has various training needs which may not be fully satisfied with traditional solutions. The growing organization needs a blended learning solution. Blended learning combines traditional learning methods with modern elearning methods. 

The goal of all blended learning solutions is to provide the most effective delivery of instruction by combining  different delivery platforms.

Blended learning ensures that the learning solution offered to the client is highly customized and meets the client’s training requirements. The trick is to find the perfect blend of media for the perfect training solution.

Use of multiple media like audio, video, tele-delivery methods,  printed matter, job aides, classroom training, computer-based training (CBT), instructor led training (ILT), and web based training (WBT) leads to maximum learner benefit.

Blended learning is more suited to andragogical learning, as it provides stimulus and engages the learner on different fronts. Blended learning is also referred to as hybrid learning or mixed learning.

Blended learning allows you to break your training into stages. You can start with an ILT followed by self paced learning through a CBT or a WBT. For a take away, you can give the learner an audio or a video tape or even a podcast, which the learner can use as constant reference.

Blended learning is more effective in gauging participant response and retention of learning. 


One thought on “Blended Learning

  1. ryan2point0

    Yes, “Blended learning allows you to break your training into stages” – this is an example of the complementary face of blended learning, which treats each mode of delivery as a connected resource, dependent on the others. Of course, blended learning also has an alternative face, whereby each mode of delivery is a stand-alone resource, independent of the others.


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