Gagne’s Nine Events in Election 2009?

Who says ID and politics don’t mix?

Gagne’s nine events of  instruction explained through the election campaign 2009: –

  1. Gain attention – Varun Gandhi’s speech
  2. Inform learners – National and International Media

  3. Stimulate recall – Gandhi family history – Gandhi v/s Gandhi through constant screening of the same headlines and news with flashbacks and photos

  4. Present content – Courtesy media , news channels, analysts with engaging audio, video, humour etc.

  5. Provide learning guidance – CD’s (doctored or otherwise), newspapers, magazines plenty of content is available. Also check with your local chaiwalla, teacher, doodhwalla,auto driver and more.

  6. Elicit performance – Public opinion , Polls, Decide voting patterns

  7. Provide feedback –  Voter Turnout during elections

  8. Assess performance – Election Results

  9. Enhance retention and transfer to the job – Policies of the newly elected government


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