Festival of learning

Avyudaya Festival of Learning is from Sept 14th to  Sept 19th.
“Avyudaya Festival of Learning is a unique concept that brings together under one roof different methods of learning, teaching and discovery processes with a dream team of India’s finest gurus, philosophers, teachers and resources.”

A festival of learning – I was fascinated when I read this. To make a festival out of learning. Just imagine how powerful this idea is.
If translated to the rural context, it might attract those who force their children to drop out of schools.
Of course the theme of this festival and target audience are different – but the concept is universal.

In India, there are still large areas where learning in inaccessible, and considered unnecessary. However, a festival excites them and is consideered necessary as it is centered around the gods and brings blessings. If there were to be a festival centered around Goddess Saraswati , the goddess of learning, I wonder if all those masses would be attracted to learning.

Vasanta Panchami is celebrated every year when saraswati puja takes place. An interesting time for the festival. A few weeks or atleast one week of classes with accelarated learning and motivational offerings for drop- outs to rejoin schools. A time when educational institutes can open doors with discounts or offer free vocational skills for those who cannot afford it. Rich blessings but deserved.

A festival of learning is just what Indians need- in the right context though.


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