Quick Solutioning? Think again.

The process of solutioning cannot be done quickly. Quick solutions are like the first answer, but not the best answer. The better solution comes with due think time, analysis, and process. It is not just ‘a quick thought’ , couched in correct terminology and delivered by eod!

To give solutions, whether in an E-learning or ILT, you have to take several factors into account
1. TNA/ Needs analysis results
2. Task analysis
3. ROl analysis
4. Learner and Context analysis

Post this, the ID lists possible methods of delivery such as, elearning, or ILT, or blended learning. After adopting the method of delivery, discuss a possible approach.
In elearning, after the approach is clear, ideate and write the content note options. An approach is rooted in theory and standard in practice, while a content note is derived from the raw content, and supported with examples. These notes are based on the approach decided on. The approach is also dependent on the ID model that your organization follows.

Solutioning is prior to development in the rapid authoring environment or rapid prototype model. In such a model, your development time is cut to less than half the normal time, but the process of  solutioning is not.

Quick, rapid solutions are not the answer to a robust learning program, that you will use to make a difference in your organization.


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