Most new eLearning companies claim loudly – “Let us save you from boring eLearning” And learn-977545_1280then garbed in a new avatar they sell the same old boring eLearning.

I avoid such companies who first put down what they are selling and then change the dressing and sell you the same old greens.

Either you are selling eLearning or you are not.

That leads us to wonder – What is eLearning?

ELearning stands for electronic learning. All forms of learning taking place through digital means is eLearning.

If you are selling gamification based program or simulations or blended learning solutions, which involve digital learning; you are still selling eLearning.


ELearning can be different types and complexity levels

From Level 1 to Level 4, it ranges from a simple text and graphic based page turner (much like Kindle books) to complex simulations. Some game simulations; MMORPG also constitute eLearning.


How does eLearning become more effective?

It is the instructional designer’s forte to ensure that your eLearning is relevant and engaging. In bespoke eLearning, it is always a good idea to understand the customer’s requirement first. A needs analysis should identify the goal that your customer has for making eLearning. Follow this up with a learner and context analysis. Know your learner and the situation they learn in. Identify the learner behaviour and design around it.

img1Effective eLearning is always focused on the learner. In off-the-shelf solutions, identify why the customer should purchase your eLearning, and thus, know customer needs. Then, know your learner. Have an average learner in mind before you design.



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