Content Capsules

On the job training requirement is high in a dynamic workplace where the paradigms are constantly shifting. All employees upskill; reskill and constantly learn workplace related skills.

At the same time, most employees spend personal time to learn more. Or have to take time from a busy work day to meet compliance requirements for reskilling or training. Not very motivational, is it?


Imagine at the end of a stressed day, when they are probably in crowded transport places or traffic jams or even home with family, the employee has to spend time learning or refreshing a skill, which may or may not be immediately applicable.  How would you tackle this demotivation apart from strategies implemented by gamification aficionados?

In my experience, the biggest issue with on the job training is the time required. Whether it is blended learning or elearning, time spent on training is always factored into ROI and impacts results and cost. The best training that has maximum ROI is the ten minute content module with check points. I firmly believe that a course should be delivered only as ten minute chunks with one concept exploration.


  1. Course of 75 slides with 5-6 modules including quiz or excluding quiz.
  2. One module would be 12-15 slides with 2-3 check points.
  3. Applicable seat time or module time would be ten-12 minutes depending on the learning pace.
  4. Each 10 minute capsule would have at least one or two concepts explained and

What are the advantages of this approach?

  1. It is suitable to all platforms and all types of internet connectivity.
  2. It does not stress out the user
  3. Less but relevant information increases learning retention
  4. Time consumed on learning is less.
  5. Learner motivated as it is anytime learning; anywhere learning; anyhow learning; and possible to use while travelling, or in short breaks.

Content Strategy

Content strategy for 10 minute modules has to be very detailed. As each module will have to target a learning objective with content tailored to meet it. The content must be carefully chosen so as to best explain the concept in the shortest possible time.

At idesigngyan, I design and develop ten minute capsules with Storyline 2 for short skills and for hard information based courses. For fully customized courses, fill in the contact form or call me/ skype me.