Tabs Navigation in Storyline

When I first used Storyline as an authoring and eLearning development tool, I fell in love with tabbed interaction. It allowed me to create layered content without having to introduce pop-ups or navigate away from main screen.

For an instructional designer, this was the customer delight that the tool offered. The years of working with graphic teams to place pop-ups correctly and decide on font size or number of words, and then of course, the kind of content. What should I include in pop-ups? Should it be a know-more or reference information? What part of essential content can I pare and keep in pop-up? Can the pop-up take images? Or create a flash based tabbed screen, which would be a developer and testers nightmare!

The tab interactions and templates in Storyline were a relief. After using Raptivity templates with tabbed interaction ( the drawback was that they had to be integrated separately or used as stand-alone) the built in tab interactivity in a comprehensive authoring tool like Storyline were a boon.
The look and feel of tab templates improved with every version. Then there were customizable user created templates available for download such as the accordion templates.

This #ELH Challenge 199 asked us to showcase some tabbed interactions. I shared a video of a tab interaction created with accordion template. It’s tabbed interface is designed to look like accordion bellows

View accordion style tab interaction

View the entire course


Adaptive Learning Pathway -ELH Challenge #196

Adaptive Learning Pathway – ELH Challenge 196 called for creating adaptive learning demo.

What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning method involves prescriptive learning with remedial action.

That is, the user is expected to have prerequisite knowledge which is tested at the start of a course or learning nugget. Once the learner answers questions or attempts a quiz, the results decide on the level of learning required. A pathway of learning is prescribed based on outcome of quiz. The learner is directed to material appropriate at his or her level.

To put it simply, the user must know the alphabet, confirm his knowledge of the alphabet before learning how to form words.

Using that theory, I have created a demo of how this prescriptive pathway with remedial action can be created with Storyline2.

View the demo adaptive course on First Aid here.

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Choose your Candidate – Demo

Elearning Challenge #195

Purpose – Create engaging introduction for the user.

Task – Create an avatar for user to enter and learn course content

Output  – I have created this like a branching scenario – where choosing an avatar will take you on a particular path. I have designed the content in context of general elections in India in 2019.

Theme: The avatar you choose for the PM will decide the fate of the country.

You select the avatar or the candidate on screen 1. Screen 2 has your chosen candidate with party symbol and description. Screen 3 allows you to exit the course or replay and select the alternate avatar. I have restricted this to just two roles, though I had at least three in mind.

India votes

Click link to view course.

Demo for Choose your Avatar

Note: Best viewed in Google Chrome. The course will take a minute to load.

This demo is available only for ten days!