Tabs Navigation in Storyline

When I first used Storyline as an authoring and eLearning development tool, I fell in love with tabbed interaction. It allowed me to create layered content without having to introduce pop-ups or navigate away from main screen.

For an instructional designer, this was the customer delight that the tool offered. The years of working with graphic teams to place pop-ups correctly and decide on font size or number of words, and then of course, the kind of content. What should I include in pop-ups? Should it be a know-more or reference information? What part of essential content can I pare and keep in pop-up? Can the pop-up take images? Or create a flash based tabbed screen, which would be a developer and testers nightmare!

The tab interactions and templates in Storyline were a relief. After using Raptivity templates with tabbed interaction ( the drawback was that they had to be integrated separately or used as stand-alone) the built in tab interactivity in a comprehensive authoring tool like Storyline were a boon.
The look and feel of tab templates improved with every version. Then there were customizable user created templates available for download such as the accordion templates.

This #ELH Challenge 199 asked us to showcase some tabbed interactions. I shared a video of a tab interaction created with accordion template. It’s tabbed interface is designed to look like accordion bellows

View accordion style tab interaction

View the entire course


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