Lightbox slides in Storyline

ELH Challenege 200 – Lightbox slides

The challenge was to use lightbox slides in Storyline courses. Lightbox slides are a good way to present content on screen. They enable an instructional designer to create multiple layers of content on same screen.
For a developer, it involves creating one base slide. Post this, a lightbox slide is created to overlap the base slide. The lightbox slide covers about 80% of the base slide. That is, the content on base slide gets dimmed and the content on light box slide becomes visible.

This kind of interactivity is used for tabbed content display or for click to learn type of screens.

I have created this small interactivity for children aged 3-7 yrs of age. This demonstrates the use of light box slide to present content on the same screen. It is a game to help identify nocturnal creatures in the wild. Sound effects are used to help identify the animals by the sound they make.

View the video for more.



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